Headstone additional inscription.

We are happy to carry out additional inscription on any memorial headstone, even if we did not initially erect it.

Headstone Additional Inscription Services

Not only do we supply and erect gravestones and headstones in your local cemetery our experienced stonemasons also add additional inscriptions to your loved ones headstone when you already have a headstone in place but need someone else’s name and other details added to it.

Whether your loved one’s headstone / gravestone is made from Granite, Caithness stone, Marble or Sandstone it is not a problem for us to add additional lettering and details to it.

We will use the same font and size of lettering as the original memorial sculptors used so you can be rest assured that the new additional inscription will look as natural as the original lettering on the headstone.

adding additional inscription to a headstone

What does our headstone additional inscription service include?

1. We will visit the cemetery and examine the existing headstone. 

2. We will identify the existing font and size of lettering.  We will also see how much space is left for the additional inscription that is to be added to the headstone.

3. We will then provide you with a quotation and a scaled template with the specific details of the work involved along with the costs.

4. We then apply to your local council on your behalf, to gain permission to carry out the additional inscription works on the headstone.

5. Once we have permission and the template signed off by the customer, we then carry out the work and send you a photo of the completed additional inscription.

New pic of additional inscription on headstone

Process of adding additional inscriptions to headstones / gravestones

We have made it very easy for an additional inscription to be added to your loved one’s memorial headstone / gravestone.

All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email with the details you would like to be added to the existing headstone / gravestone. If you could also include the name of the cemetery, the lair number and the lair holder’s name and address (if you have it) that would be helpful in identifying the headstone. If you do not have the lair number please advise us of the existing name that is on the headstone and if you know approximately where about the headstone is in the cemetery. Any photograph of the existing headstone you are able to send to us is also beneficial.

Then all you have to do is tell us the additional inscription you would like to add to the memorial headstone and we do the rest for you.

We never start any work until you have told us you are happy with the template and accepted our quote.

New pic of additional inscription on headstone

How long does adding an inscription to a headstone / gravestone take?

Once you have signed off on the template it takes around 4 weeks for us to carry out the work on the headstone, weather permitting.  We tend to only do additional inscriptions from April – September. This is because of the way headstones are erected in the Highlands, Sutherland, Caithness, Inverness and Moray. In other parts of the country the headstones are bolted to the foundations so the headstones can be easily removed to the stonemason’s workshop.  However in Scotland we have to carry out the additional inscriptions in the cemetery and we need good dry, warm weather to do this.


Please give us a call or email with your requirements and we would be happy to assist you further.


Video of additional inscription
We provide a meticulous headstone renovation and restoration service

Our headstone renovation and restoration service can be carried out on and type of gravestone, from Marble, Granite, sandstone, Welsh Slate and Caithness stone. We take meticulous care in adding inscription or cleaning any type of headstone.

New pic of additional inscription on headstone
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