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Headstone / Gravestone Finance Plan

At Mackay's Memorial Headstones we are pleased to be able to offer you a payment plan to help spread the cost when buying a gravestone.

We offer…

A quick application process.
95% approval rate.
No paperwork required. All documents are in digital format and signed using e-signature.

See how affordable our payment plan can be with our loan calculator below...

Your payments will start 1 month after you make the purchase.

Interest rates are between 1% – 4% p/m.
With our online calculator the interest is set at 2% so depending on your eligibility it could differ.

Once you have confirmed the design of memorial you like and the inscription for your loved one we will then email you the application which is quick and easy to fill out. You will need your bank account details, proof of ID (electricity bill, driving licence or passport) and employment or income details to hand.

Usually the deposit is 10% but due to the COVID-19 virus you will need to pay a minimum deposit  of £250. 


We will carry out what is called a “soft search”
This will not affect your credit rating but it will cost you £1 which will be refunded if your application is successful.

After your finance has been agreed you then have a 14 day “cooling off period” in which you can cancel your order if you like. However after that period your order will be processed and you will not be able to cancel your order.  This is due to the unique aspect of a memorial headstone.