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Over 170 short beautiful epitaphs for headstones / gravestones

1. “Loved by so many.”

2. “Reunited at last.”

3. “Too well loved to ever be forgotten.”

4. “Love is enough.”

5. “Always in our hearts.”

6. “In memory of my sweet ideal.”

7. “Forever in our hearts.”

8. “I Am Yours.”

9. “Time passes, love remains.”

10. “Love you forever and ever.”

11. “I together with thee.”

12. “Gone, but never forgotten.”

13. “Fair winds and following seas.”

14. “Always loving, always loved.”

15. “Loved with everlasting love.”

16. “Rest is thine. Sweet memory ours.”

17. “Your memory will live on in our hearts.”

18. “They loved each other and taught us that love.”

19. “Memories to treasure.”

20. “At sundown and sunrise, we will remember them.”

21. “May the earth lie light upon thee.”

22. “Your memory is a light to guide us.”

23. “Think of me always.”

24. “Memories keep you with us.”

25. “A broken melody.”

26. “Amazing man / woman, you are missed.”

27. “One in joy and love.”

28. “So tender, so kind, a beautiful memory left behind.”

29. “A treasured life together.”

30. “Your patient courage is a beloved memory.”

31. “What a love theirs was.”

32. “Gone from home but not from our hearts.”

33. “Love never ends.”

34. “Remembering you is easy, we do it every day, missing you is the hard part that never goes away.”

35. “Speak your love still once again.”

36. “A light from our life is gone.”

37. “And life is all the sweeter that he/she lived.”

38. “Your love will light my way, your memory will forever be with me.”

39. “Real love stories never have endings.”

40. “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter, he / she wasted no days.”

41. “I leave you with my legacy of love.”

42. “Love lives on.”

43. “Loving memories last forever.”

44. “I’ll see you on the other side of the stars.”

45. “Your gentle sweet nature made you beloved by all.”

46. “Memories are yours to keep as we remain in peaceful sleep.”

47. “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

48. “You are a song in our hearts forever.”

49. “A beautiful life came to an end, she died as she lived… everyone’s friend.”

50. “The morning light is breaking, the darkness disappears.”

51. “Lights will guide you home.”

52. “Love makes memory eternal.”

53. “A treasured life together.”

54. “Sweetly sleeping.”

55. “Your memory will ever be with me.”

56. “Great love lives on.”

57. “Your love will light our way.”

58. “Life is not forever, love is.”

59. “A life is measured in memories, not in years.”

60. “A day of duty done, a day of rest begun.”

61. “In quietness and confidence.”

62. “To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die.”

63. “Neither above you, nor beneath you, but always with you.”

64. “Best grandma ever (grandpa, uncle, aunt.)”

65. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

66. “I’m the guiding light in your dreams and I’ll be travelling by your side.”

67. “Loved and lived one day at a time.”

68. “You touched us all.”

69. “Lo, one we loved.”

70. “A life full of years of love and understanding.”

71. “If our love could have saved you, you would not have died.”

72. “Softly at night, the stars are shining on you.”

73. “In silence we remember.”

74. “Precious are the memories of you.”

75. “May your shadow never shorten.”

76. “To those who knew and loved him/her, his/her memory will never grow old.”

77. “On him and on his high endeavor the light of praise shall shine forever.”

78. “So gentle, kind and good.”

79. “Our lives are poorer without you”

80. “He had a kind word for each and died beloved by all.”

81. “Until we dance together again.”

82. “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

83. “Into the sunshine.”

84. “There was grace in his / her steps, love in every gesture.”

85. “Forever young, forever in our hearts.”

86. “A place never to be filled again.”

87. “You’re always in my thoughts.”

88. “Fond memories linger every day, remembrance keeps him/her near.”

89. “How beautiful life was to me.”

90. “All that we were to each other that we still are.”

91. “What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.”

92. “Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on.”

93. “Still living, still loving, still mine.”

94. “Your music shall play forever in our hearts.”

95. “Sadly missed, lovingly remembered.”

96. “Your kindness is always remembered.”

97. “Keep smiling.”

98. “A gentle heart and courageous spirit.”

99. “Fondly loved and deeply mourned.”

100. “A place left vacant in our hearts.”

101. “Grace to be born and live as variously as possible.”

102. “Your devotion to your family is our blessing.”

103. “The saddened hearts were healed in knowing the pain of life is over.”

104. “He / She came and went and never ceased to smile.”

105. “Honest people, loving parents.”

106. “Wonderful was your love for us.”

107. “Released from all his / her earthly cares.”

108. “Time passes, love remains.”

109. “Say not farewell.”

110. “All your life you made us laugh, we will not weep now.”

111. “Our all.”

112. “With a song in our hearts We remember.”

113. “We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh, we sure did laugh.”

114. “We remember (name) with open hearts.”

115. “Her works were kindness, her deeds were love.”

116. “A friend to many, and sadly missed.”

117. “To know him was to love him.”

118. “The joy of rubbing shoulders with the best.”

119. “He / She graced her family with acts of loving kindness.”

120. “Dance On.”

121. “Beautiful memory’s live on.”

122. “You are still my sunshine.”

123. “Loved so well.”

124. “Your tender love and understanding will remain in our hearts forever.”

125. “The task accomplished, the long day done.”

126. “Give thanks always for all things.”

127. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

128. “Never stop singing.”

129. “Ever remembered, ever loved.”

130. “We love thy memory.”

131. “Your memory makes me happy when skies are grey.”

132. “We love you always.”

133. “Forever in our hearts, souls and minds.”

134. “Just whisper my name in your heart and I will be there.”

135. “A voice we loved, stilled.”

136. “A long life well lived.”

137. “Her friends were his/her world.”

138. “What we keep in memory is ours forever.”

139. “I’m the guiding light in your dreams, and I’ll be travelling by your side always.”

140. “That best portion of a good man’s life, his little nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.”

141. “Forever true love.”

142. “Such immense love lived within them / him / her.”

143. “Your love will never be forgotten.”

144. “A good friend to many.”

145. “Love had the final word.”

146. “Life’s work well done.”

147. “Always with us, somehow.”

148. “Loved until the end of time.”

149. “The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.”

150. “You are a song in our hearts forever.”

151. “Love’s last gift, remembrance.”

152. “A love without end.”

153. “I shall but love thee better after death.”

154. “Be good to one another, the sweetest thoughts in life are memories of days that have been.”

155. “With all my love.”

156. “Life has blended with the eternal now.”

157. “Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure.”

158. “You were the wind beneath my wings.”

159. “The pleasure was all ours.”

160. “Their love and tenderness touched many hearts.”

161. “Love as much as possible in this imperfect world.”

162. “He/She lives with us in memory and will forevermore.”

163. “Remembered with love.”

164. “We shall meet beyond the river.”

165. “A courageous warrior.”

166. “Your love continues to light my way, your memory will never leave me.”

167. “They live with us in memory and will forever.”

168. “No night can darken the sunlight of their memory.”

169. “Laughed often, loved much.”

170. “Always kind and willing.”

172. “The influence you had on our lives will live on forever.”

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