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60 + Top Line Title Epitaphs For Headstone / Gravestone Inscriptions

Below are just some suggestions for “top line epitaph titles” for memorial headstone inscriptions.

You can tailor all the gravestone inscription to reflect your own feelings for your loved one.
We have an extensive range of epitaph examples and other helpful information you can view from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

1. “In loving memory”

2. “Forever in our hearts”

3. “In cherished memory of”

4. “Gone but not forgotten”

5. “Rest in peace”

6. “In remembrance of”

7. “Always in our thoughts”

8. “Together again”

9. “Eternal love”

10. “Remembered with love”

11. “Our beloved (name)”

12. “Fond memories last forever”

13. “Happy memories of”

14. “Now at rest”

15. “In eternal life”

16. “Cherished memories of”

17. “A life well lived”

18. “A life well lived, now at peace”

19. “Gone to be with God”

20. “With love, we remember”

21. “A treasured life together.”

22. “Beloved wife (or mother / friend)”

23. “A shining light”

24. “In God’s care”

25. “Loved and missed always”

26. “Forever young”

27. “A beautiful soul”

28. “Always in our hearts”

29. “Beloved Parents”

30. “A true friend, forever missed”

31. “Together again in Heaven”

32. “Till we meet again”

33. “In honoured memory”

34. “I together with thee.”

35. “A gentle spirit, at rest”

36. “In ever living memory of”

37. “A shining star”

38. “Always loved”

39. “A beloved father (mother / Aunt etc.)”

40. “In treasured memory of”

41. “Gone but never forgotten”

42. “Treasured memories last forever”

43. “A beautiful life”

44. “Forever missed”

45. “Precious memories of”

46. “In loving memory of our (mother / father etc.)”

47. “In loving memory of a dear (mother/father/etc.)”

48. “A gentle soul, at peace”

49. “A true friend”

50. “In loving and grateful memory of”

51. “A dearly loved (husband/wife/etc.)”

52. “Married xx wonderful years”

53. “A shining light”

54. “Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts”

55. “Eternally loved and missed”

56. “Gone Fishin’ “

57. “A heart of gold, now at rest”

58. “In memory of my sweet ideal.”

59. “In beloved and abiding memory of”

60. “Sacred is the memory of”

61. “Once met, never forgotten”

62.  “At peace”

63. “Reunited at last.”

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